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Michigan Golf Alliance


The MiGCSA has multiple awards and scholarships available every year. Please follow the appropriate link to apply.

2016 MiGCSA Scholarship Winners

2016 Student Scholarship Winners Thomas Robbins & Lewis Nowakowski with Scholarship Committee Members Jim Priebe and Jesse Sholl
2016 Heritage Scholarship Winner Allison Juchartz, Daughter of David Juchartz with Scholarship Committee Members Jim Priebe and Jesse Sholl.

Not pictured: Dylan C. Goike, Son of Steve Goike, Laura Brown, Daughter of Richard Brown, Trevor Roznowski, Son of Jason Roznowski.


MiGCSA State Champions

The MiGCSA State Championship is played annually and awarded to the member with the lowest single round of the day.

The MiGCSA State Champion Trophy


Aaron McMaster
70 - The Orchards G.C.
Eric Davey
69 -Eagle Eye G.C.
Carey Mitchelson
71 - Radrick Farms G.C.
Shaun Maher
72 - The Emerald
Eric Davey
72 - Lakelands G&C.C.
Dr. Kevin Frank
66 - Railside Golf Club
Dr. Kevin Frank
70 - Bucks Run Golf Club

Jay Eccleton, CGCS
73 - Eagle Eye Golf Club
Brian Vanderploeg
? - Pilgrims Run Golf Club







Tuck Tate Championship

1985 Frankfort Golf Course -Tom Brogger
1986 Gaylord Country Club - Paul Holmes
1987 Schuss Mountain Golf Club - Gary Pulsipher
1988 Indian River Golf Club - Tom Brogger
1989 Hidden Valley Golf Course - Paul Holmes
1990 Gaylord Country Club - Tom Brogger
1991 Huron Breeze - Tom Brogger
1992 Cadillac Country Club - Tom Brogger
1993 Huron Breeze - Tom Brogger
1994 Mistwood Golf Course - Brian Conklin
1995 Shanty Creek Resort, The Legend - Roger Jabara
1996 Boyne Highlands, Heather - Jim Bluck & Paul Holmes*
1997 Mistwood Golf Course - Jim Bluck
1998 The Heathlands - Jim Bluck
1999 Red Hawk Golf Course- Jim Bluck
2000 Traverse City Golf & Country Club - Paul Holmes & Joe Breighner*
2001 Michaywe - Joe Breighner
2002 The Kingsley Club - Kevin Van Horn & Joe Breighner*
2003 Red Hawk Golf Course - Jim Bluck
2004 Walloon Lake Country Club -John Holberton Jr.
2005 Mistwood G.C. - Shaun Ryan
2006 Crystal Mountain Resort - Jim Bluck
2007 Crystal Downs C.C. - Unknown
2008 Traverse City Golf & Country Club - Jim Baggett
2009 Treetops Resort, The Signature Course - Canceled due to weather
2010 Treetops Resort, The Signature Course - Jay Eccleton, CGCS
2011 Black Lake G.C. - Jim Higgs
2012 Cedar River Golf Club at Shanty Creek - Jim Higgs
2013 The Nightmare - Jim Higgs
2014 The Bear at Grand Traverse - Jeff Hopkins
2015 Hidden River Golf & Casting Club - Dr. Kevin Frank
2016 Treetops Resort Jim Higgs
2017 The Moor at Boyne Highlands  Joe Baluis

* Indicates championship tie