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MSU Turf Weeds.net

Welcome to MSU Turf Weeds.net: Helping you identify, understand, and control lawn weeds. This site is designed so you can easily learn key identification characteristics of common and not-so-common turfgrass weeds found in lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and sod farms in Michigan and the midwest. Correct identification is the first step to proper management.

Each weed has a biography page to help you better understand why weeds invade and what you can do. The biography pages include multiple images of each weed, information on habitat, life cycles, alternative common names (AKA), key ID features, look-a-likes, management practices, and chemical controls.

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Quickly access specific weeds by family, or common name. Can't find the name on the weed list? Use the search tool below to jump directly to your favorite pesky plant.

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