Registering for: 2017 Detroit Spring Management Meeting, Plymouth

Dates: Runs from 03/02/2017 through 03/02/2017

Registration Level: *  
  Class A, SM & AFF - $65.00/attendee
All other classes - $45.00/attendee
Class A, SM & AFF and one other class - $110.00
Class A, SM & AFF and two other classes - $155.00
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Currently Registered Attendees
Tim Asselin Skip Connolly
Andrew Dalton Eric Davey
Jeremy Strock Ken DeBusscher
Dan Dingman Michael Montney
Dominic Ramirez Tom Burke
Jeff Fisette Steve Forrest
Michael fouty Ron Fox
John Francoeur Adam Garr
Jake Lehmann Steve Cook
Mike Mausolf Tom Gill
Andrew Gilroy Andrew Gilroy
austin grall Bryan Grill
David Herman John Hibbs
Dar Howard Chad Kempf
Terry Kerkstra Don Knop
Jeff Akers Sean Clark
Christian Koval Matthew Kraemer
Christopher Kuciemba Brad Lazroff
Jeff Mack Marty Miller
Andy O'Haver Brian Hilfinger
Ryan Moore Tyler Cooper
Gerry Navarre Phil Owen
Doug Palm Wyatt Deering
Dave PAwluk Doug Tonkovich
Tim Osburn Tom Schall
Douglas Ware Ryan Maxwell
Chris Wilczynski