Assistant Superintendent


    We are committed to representing, promoting and advancing the careers of Assistant Golf Course Superintendents. We are focused on providing opportunities for networking and professional growth for career enhancement.


    1. Provide networking experiences with fellow assistants, superintendents, professors, industry leaders, and golf industry partners.
    2. Provide opportunities for the professional development and growth of assistant golf course superintendents.
    3. To develop key attributes required in fulfilling the responsibilities of an assistant golf course superintendent.
    4. Annually implement a strategic plan to introduce new opportunities for the enhancement and advancement of the assistant golf course superintendent.
    5. Bring added leadership to the association by working together with all members in the enhancement of the association, the industry and the game of golf.
    6. Encourage and promote assistant golf course superintendent involvement in association events.
    7. Bi-annually nominate and receive board approval for an assistant superintendent to occupy a non-voting liaison position on the MiGCSA Board of Directors.
    8. To create a solid outline for ensuring the continued success of the assistant superintendent committee.
    9. To promote assistant golf course superintendents as valuable industry professionals and leaders.

    Meeting Schedule: 1 or 2 tele-conference meetings per year in the off season (at the discretion of the chair) along with a face-to-face roundtable meeting during the annual Great Lakes Trade Exposition in Grand Rapids. All other communications via email.


    Member of GCSAA