Education Committee Chairman:
    Dave Pawluk, CGCS 


    This committee is made up of superintendents, assistants, sales personnel, professors and interested persons in the turf industry but not limited to.  The goal of the committee is to bring educational topics and speakers to the table and then organize topics and speakers into an educational event that will support the turf industry throughout the state.  At this point, the main educational events are the spring one day seminars and some lighter monthly gatherings.  This committee does report to the MiGCSA board of directors and has some budget dollars to operate with.



    ·       Attend MTF Conference if possible.

    ·       Watch for topics, ideas or speakers for future MiGCSA educational events.

    ·       Working on the Spring meetings for February and March.



    ·       The East side Spring seminar will happen in February.

    ·       Help put the finishing touches on the March meetings if needed.

    ·       If attending the national conference (GIS) watch for topics and speakers for future events.

    ·       Help with phone tree, if needed, for good attendance.

    ·       Send out “Thank You” notes to speakers.



    ·       The West side and Northern Spring seminars are held in March.

    ·       Help with phone tree, if needed, for good attendance.

    ·       May need input to create a post meeting survey.

    ·       Send out “Thank You” notes to speakers.


     April – September

    ·        Could be setting up “Lunch and Learn” seminars.

    ·       Monthly golf and education meeting (Topic and Speaker)

    ·       Keep eyes and ears open for possible topics or speakers.

    ·       Form new educational committee for the season.



    ·       Planning meeting for educational events for the year.

    ·       Divide up the responsibilities for calling the speakers.

    ·       Work together to secure the topics and speakers.

    ·       Follow up on committee to make sure follow through is happening.


    November – December

    ·       Continue to lock down topics and speakers

    ·       Be prepared for round two of topics and speakers if the first selection does not work out.


    Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association
    Member of GCSAA