Austin Lavoie Completes Level 1&2 of GCSAA’s Equipment Management Program

Posted on August 21st, 2020

Austin Lavoie, the first-year GCSAA equipment manager member at Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak created history when he successfully completed both Levels 1 and 2 of GCSAA’s Equipment Management Certificate Program, the first equipment manager in Michigan to do so.

Beginning in 2015, to build a competency-based continuing education curriculum for turf equipment managers, GCSAA enlisted subject matter experts to conduct a job task analysis and define the body of knowledge a successful turf equipment manager possesses. Based on those findings, a comprehensive list of competencies was identified in eight domains and GCSAA’s Equipment Management Certificate Program (EMCP) was born.

GCSAA’s Equipment Management Certificate Program is broken up into two levels. Level 1 is a series of exams designed to demonstrate proficiency in key competency areas related to turf equipment.

The program is made up of eight exams covering the key competency areas of:

  • cutting units
  • drivetrain systems
  • electrical systems
  • engine technology
  • hydraulic systems
  • metalworking and fabrication
  • spray systems
  • fundamentals of turfgrass operations

All exams are closed book and taken online. Testers will need a computer with internet access and a printer to take an exam and must also have a proctor for each exam.

Following the development of the EMCP Level 1, the second level – Equipment Management Certificate Program Level 2 – was established based on advanced competencies in all eight domains and adding business, communication, leadership and environmental management.

Completing the Equipment Management Certificate Program Level 2 is the next step on the career path for equipment managers. This certificate is earned by successfully passing one proctored exam which addresses the competency areas of Level 1 along with:

  • Administrative Management
  • Best Management Practices

Successful completion of all eight certificates in EMCP Level 1 must be completed to be eligible to begin EMCP Level 2.

Congratulations to Austin on this Michigan first and completing both levels!

Member of GCSAA