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Jacobsen 5 Gang
Company: Chikaming CC
Description: When parked the unit did lift and lower.  3 reels will need to be replaced.  2 reels still have another grind in them, in my opinion.  As-is.
Contact: Eric Rank
Contact Phone: 2693690463
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For Sale
13 Plastic Trash Containers with mounting brackets for posts
Company: Chikaming Country Club
Description: Used trash cans.  In good shape.  Mounting brackets included.  Mounting brackets will need paint or sand blasting.
Contact: Eric Rank
Contact Phone: 2694694348
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For Sale
Jacobsen 3400 fairway unit
Company: Great Oaks Country Club
Description: Year 2000, 5900 hours and ready to use.  May need new bedknives.
Contact: Don Knop
Contact Phone:
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For Sale
Toro 200 gallon low profile sprayer that fits on a toro workman.
Description: It is a 2005 or 2006. Worked last fall for our snow mold app. Have some other spare parts that will go with it.
Contact: Harvey Cole
Contact Phone: 2313495012
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For Sale
Smithco sweep star
Company: Colon community school
Description: Wanted:  Smithco sweepstar 60 or equivalent for use on school grounds.
Contact: Joseph Smolarz
Contact Phone: 269-832-1609
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