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Posted on January 25th, 2021

Fellow members, first and foremost we thank you for your help in making Michigan a leader in the Golf Course Industry. Michigan continues to be a forward-thinking leader recognized not just locally but nationally for our innovations, our accomplishments, and success as an association. This is only made possible through the support of our members and Industry Partners. Your efforts and volunteer commitments provide these great networking and educational experiences we can all benefit from. 

The MiGCSA has more than 730 members, making us the largest statewide chapter in the country. Over the years our members have represented us in Washington for National Golf Day and at GCSAA headquarters for the Chapter Delegates and Leadership Symposium Meetings. The MiGCSA currently has all GCSAA Grassroot Ambassador delegates filled for Michigan, as well as finishing up the Best Management Practices (BMP) guideline for Michigan. We have formed long lasting partnerships with the Michigan PGA, GAM, MTF and the Michigan Golf Course Association who make up the Michigan Golf Alliance with us and plan the annual Michigan Legislative Golf Day in Lansing and worked diligently on behalf of everyone involved with golf during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this group we have grown the awareness of the Michigan Turf Industry and our environmental stewardship efforts. 

The yearly calendar of events continues to offer opportunities for our members across the State. Your participation makes this possible for our members to host multiple events, educational opportunities and shoptalk platforms for Assistants, Equipment Managers and employees of our members. Through these opportunities and fundraising events, we are focused on supporting many facets of our Industry.  Since the merger of the four founding chapters in 2008, donations to the MTF have crested $225,000. We have awarded $84,000 in scholarships to MSU Turfgrass Students & MiGCSA Member Dependents in Heritage Scholarships. Donations to the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) fundraising arm of the GCSAA have reached $9,000. We have donated $4,500 to the MSU Turf Club to attend the GIS and participate in the Turf Bowl. Finally, we have matched more than $15,000 in member donations and sponsorship for the Wee One Foundation and are recognized as an Industry Leader by sponsoring a hitting bay at the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame.

Many new trends and innovations in our industry have been possible as well because of our association. A new mobile-friendly website was built and launched in 2018 with overwhelming success. In 2019 the membership roster was converted over to a mobile application to create quicker and more up to date means to access our fellow members available on Apple and Android by searching MiGCSA. Also, in 2019 the Assistant Championship and the first combined Spring Meeting were introduced. The “Best 24hrs in Turf” in 2019 & 2020 was well received, largely due to the amazing efforts of the education committee to create this trend setting event. The Michigan House at the Masters has allowed an opportunity for our members to see golf at the highest level, and the season-long Match Play Championship has provided connections between members that would otherwise not be possible.

During the 2021 season, the Board of Directors is focused on continuing to support current programs as well as developing future initiatives focused on direct member benefits. The strength of our association is a direct reflection of our members which involves time and financial support.

We are reaching out to address the dues structure for Class A, B and AFF Members, to ensure we can continue the MiGCSA mission, vision and goals. Since a dues increase of $25 in 2015, the cost for these memberships has been $100, one of the lowest in the country. During this time frame similar and smaller sized chapters have seen increases that currently average $175. We are seeking feedback on a proposal for a dues increase to $150 annually for Class A, B and AFF members. All other memberships would remain at their current dues structure levels.

100% of this additional dues revenue will be used for a multitude of direct member benefits including a new initiative, the MiGCSA Cares Fund, that will help support our members in need. The MiGCSA Cares Fund will be available to any member after application and review by the MiGCSA Cares Committee. We would also like to offer an increase in Heritage Scholarships for member dependents from $6,000 a year to $10,000 a year, opportunities to attend the GCSAA Golf Industry Show at no cost, the John R. Fulling Leadership Scholarship available to all members, continuing to build our reserve fund investment, committing even more resources to the Spring Meeting to attract national speakers and to keep event attendance costs low for members, member awards and recognition and much more. 

The online vote for this dues increase will be with our annual elections in the coming weeks.

Before that vote we would very much like feedback on this proposal from all of our members to be carefully considered by your fellow members who volunteer on the board. Please use the form below to comment anonymously or feel free to leave an email address for a response, you may also reach out to your board representative directly, email links below.

These comments may be used anonymously in a response communication to address any specific inquiries or concerns to all the membership. Remember this is your association, led by your fellow members and peers, the success of the MiGCSA is a benefit to all of us. 

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