Our Mission Statement

    “Jacobsen Michigan will market and deliver superior products, parts and quality service with genuine value for the success of our customers.

    “At Jacobsen®, we have a vision:
    To be your first choice for commercial and golf equipment, parts and services. In partnership with our customers, we will deliver genuine value and strive to achieve the highest level of customer loyalty.
    In doing so, we will not sacrifice honesty and integrity.”

    At Jacobsen®, we are focused on customer success – Everything we do and say is derived from our simple strategic plan, otherwise known as “The 3 B’s”:

    Build a relationship with our customers

    Build a product that meets the stakeholder’s needs

    Back that product up for the whole of its life

    Jacobsen’s® focus on the customer has allowed us to achieve and maintain our legendary quality and develop innovative products which increases customers’ productivity and lowers their overall operating costs.


    Member of GCSAA