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    The following PDF document contains the summary and analysis of SB 212 by the Senate Fiscal Agency. We think this analysis and summary is very well written and explains the intentions of SB 212 as well as the bills with tie bars to SB 212 (which are SB 858, 859, and 860).  

    As most of you know, this bill has to do with the Great Lakes Water Resource Compact signed by the governors of all of the Great Lake States, and defines the parameters for withdraw by entities (i.e. golf courses) that use Great Lakes ground water and stream run off water as well as other Great Lakes originating water. Much of our interest in this legislation is directed toward the permitting process the golf courses will have to use. We will keep you all updated as best as possible.


    Senate Bill 212
    Great Lakes Water Resource Compact
    Michigan’s Government -Sliced or Diced

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