Current Presidential Updates


    Don’t look now, here it comes! Are you ready? Winter is over and the time has come to prepare for the 2010 golf season. Your fellow members of the MiGCSA have been busy getting plans in place to help you make the transition from white to green. In a few weeks the Spring Management Meetings, approved for .65 GCSAA CEU’s each, will be taking place in three sites around the state, have you signed up to attend one yet?

    The first week of March will find us at Oakhurst Golf &Country Club (East) where we will have the chance to learn about Canada Geese Control Strategies, Spray Nozzle Tips & Tricks and updates from MSU. The second week finds us at Egypt Valley Country Club (West) where we will hear about changes in Golf Course Design & Renovation relative to these sustainable times, Research Ideas from MSU and How to Develop a Sustainable Golf Business Model. The third week of March we will be at Tree Tops Resort (North) where we will have the chance to learn how to Best Manage Your Electricity Costs along with an update on the wildly successful Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign and tips on How to Transition from Superintendent to General Manager. At all three sites we hold open discussions on how we, as facility managers, have found ways to operate on reduced resources. It won’t stop there as we will brainstorm on ways that we can continue to better position ourselves to provide great golf in the new decade on anticipated tight budgets. Click on any of the links or visit and sign up online or print and mail/fax in your registration to start getting yourself and your facility ready for spring.

    MiGCSA members have a golden opportunity to keep ourselves and our industry in the front of the minds of those that are responsible for crafting the laws and budget for the state of Michigan by participating in Legislative Day at the Capitol on March 3rd. We will co-sponsor a lunch in the Mackinaw Room and participate in visits with some of our state legislators. The goal is to educate our representatives of the importance the golf industry holds in Michigan, to remind them that it provides over 35,000 direct and indirect jobs and that it is a $4.2 billion industry. It is imperative that we keep this information in the minds of those that will continue our representation in 2010 and beyond. With half the state house (55 seats) and 29 (all new senators due to term limits) of 38 senate seats up for election, now is a perfect time to get to know those that will be responsible for mentoring those newly elected members who will be coming to Lansing in 2011. There is no cost to join in on the day and the benefits of participation will pay off personally, professionally and industry wide. Please pre register for this event by quickly signing up for free online HERE.

    The month of February holds one of most important philanthropic events of the year for the MiGCSA. What is that you ask? It is the scholarship fund-raiser bowling event scheduled for the 26th of February at Galaxy Lanes in Grand Blanc. While it can be construed as a chance to network and join fellow colleges over a couple of frames, in reality it is a way to give back to those that make our profession vibrant and alive. The MiGCSA annually funds Legacy Scholarships for the children of members and Student Scholarships for those enrolled in the MSU Turf Programs. I personally challenge every MiGCSA members that can not attend the event in Grand Blanc to donate to this great cause. Reach into your wallet and donate a minimum of $20 to the MiGCSA Scholarship Fund and I will match 10% of the minimum for the first 25 people that do. Go ahead, I dare you to come after my $$. You can log on HERE and donate today.

    Have a great late winter and early spring and be sure to enjoy the time when your schedule is not packed from sunup to sundown. Please make sure to take the time to get yourself ready personally and professionally by joining in some (or all) of the offerings set up for you by your fellow MiGCSA members.



    Ron M. Dahlin, CGCS

    ‘The Meadows Golf Club’ at GVSU

    Member of GCSAA