John Fulling, CGCS

John Fulling, CGCS

Golf Course Superintendents, by their very nature, are leaders and doers. We achieve extraordinary things when working together. I have a great passion for the Golf Course Superintendent Profession, the Golf Course Superintendent, chapter and association work. I’ve had the great fortune of working along side many hundreds of superintendent leaders at the state and local levels and on GCSAA committees and I want to continue on at the national Board level.

My experience is rich and well rounded, not because of what I have done but because of what my profession and countless mentors and colleagues have given me over more than 2 decades. When asked, “How have you given back to your profession,” my response is always “Feverishly.” I am, as we all are, the product of those who teach and guide us and my debt to them can never be paid off. When the members and the Board of the Michigan Golf Course Superintendent’s Association nominated me for the GCSAA Board of Directors, I was humbled, filled with gratitude and absolutely thrilled to be able to bring all that we have done to the national arena.

The story of the Michigan GCSA is a great one. Creating one chapter from four very unique and solid existing chapters in an effort to raise every bar of excellence for every superintendent in the state was deemed impossible. It was hard. For nearly a decade we learned how to be leaders. We learned humility and cooperation. We learned patience and understanding. We learned communication and structure. We learned good and bad finance. We learned when to fight and when not to fight. We learned perseverance. We learned to put the priorities first and we learned how to stay focused on the goal of building a better organization for the entire membership. In 2007, the MiGCSA was born and we’re so very happy to say that today it is one of the largest and strongest chapters in the country, achieving all the great things it promised.

Thank you for considering me for the GCSAA Board of Directors. My promise is that I will put the same effort into excellence on the national level as I put into the state and local levels. I will bring all the leadership skills I learned and use them graciously, wisely and with purpose. I will always think of the superintendent first. I will support our extraordinary staff who works hard for us every day. And, I will represent you with a steadfast conviction to truth and integrity.


John Fulling, CGCS
Kalamazoo Country Club



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