MTF Partnership

    One of the most important and mutually lucrative relationships the MiGCSA has is with the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation. The MTF’s primary goal, as a foundation is to assist in the funding of the turf management programs at Michigan State University. Most of us are quite familiar with the MSU programs and know the high caliber of real world research that the Turf Team produces every year.
    As superintendents we are among those most benefiting from the tremendous program at MSU. Those who had the opportunity to attend the turf program at MSU know they received a solid education, and we all know that the students coming out of the program each year will be valuable assets to Michigan golf courses and great additions to our workforce.
    For these reasons and more, the MiGCSA feels it is necessary and a privilege to be able to contribute to the MTF’s efforts. Each year the MiGCSA hosts multiple fundraiser events on behalf of the MTF. In 2008 the MiGCSA hosted four separate events in each district of the MiGCSA. In 2009 we hosted three. Each year, the MiGCSA Foundation committee distributes the proceeds from these events to the MTF and then on to the MSU Turf Team. In 2008 the MiGCSA donated $15,000 to the MTF and in 2009 and 2010 we made another $15,000 donation. In 2011 the MiGCSA was able to add $10,000 to the donation for a total of $25,000 and in 2012 the donation was $16,800, and with the donation of $14,021 the chapter has crested the $100,000 mark since inception in 2008!
    2014 MiGCSA President Gregg Matthews presents the 2014 donation to MTF President Brian Schweihofer at the Michigan Turfgrass Conference. 




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