MiGCSA History

A brief history of the MiGCSA from Executive Director Adam Ikamas, CGCS from the Summer 2011 issue of Course Conditions:

“The MiGCSA was officially formed in 2008 at the GLTE. There were many involved leading up to the vote by the membership that approved the combining of the 4 chapters into one. John Fulling, CGCS of Kalamazoo Country Club was the first official President of the MiGCSA. Before John, Dan Bissonette, CGCS, Mike Morris, CGCS and Jon Maddern, CGCS sat as interim Presidents as the MiGCSA was born. There were many members, and GCSAA staff involved during these early years working on bylaws and details that are still used today, and without them we never would have got off the ground.

It was decided that the MiGCSA would hire an Association Management company to help merge the 4 chapters into one. This was no easy task as the 4 chapters had separate databases, bank accounts, local meetings, history and traditions. It was a priority of every board member to keep the new “districts” in tune with the former chapter’s ideals. A company called Eurich Management was hired to help the MiGCSA complete the daunting never before done task of combining four chapters into one state wide chapter. The staff of Eurich did a great job getting all of the data organized into one central hub, getting the Course Conditions magazine off the ground, and helping to develop the first version of There is no way we could have done all of that without their help.

Steve Hammon from Traverse City G&CC took over as President in 2009. In October of 2009 it was decided that the MiGCSA would part ways with Eurich Management. This was based on many reasons and from a financial standpoint the board did not feel that it was sustainable to continue our contract. At this time the duties of the Association were divided up among the board members. Jay Eccleton the Secretary/Treasurer at the time took over all of the financial records and handled all receivables and payables. I took over the Course Conditions magazine and the website. All member email was forwarded to Steve, Ron Dahlin, CGCS MiGCSA Vice President, Jay and I. Jeff Holmes took the lead on Education and the entire board helped plan events. Steve and I revamped the entire Industry Partner Program to better fit our Partner’s needs, and succeeded in raising almost $90,000 in the first year of the new program, with the help of the entire board. The MiGCSA was operating in the red when the board took control, and in one year moved to a positive financial position of over $40,000.

Ron Dahlin, CGCS at the Meadows at GVSU took over in January of 2010 as President. It was during the winter of 2009/2010 that the board decided it was time to search for an Executive Director to take over the duties that the volunteer board had been doing. It was not a good long term solution to ask volunteers to continue to do all of the daily work needed to keep the chapter alive. A job description was created and a search committee was formed. At this time I excused myself from any meeting time dedicated to the ED search as I had made my intentions of applying for the position clear to the board. Applications were submitted in December of 2010 and interviews were conducted in February of 2011. I was hired and started in my new position in March of this year.”

A photo from a two day meeting at Soaring Eagle in Mt. Plesant in the early stages of creation. L to R around the table are: John Fulling, CGCS, Steve Hammon, Kirk Carls, Dave Pawluk, CGCS, Rick Hakken, Tim Dorner, CGCS, Tom Mason, Mike Morris, CGCS, Steve Randall (GCSAA Field Staff), Ron Dahlin, CGCS, Scott Pulaski, Greg Pattinson, and Mike Mulkey, CGCS


The Inaugural MiGCSA Annual Meeting in 2008 at the DeVos Center in Grand Rapids. From L to R: Steve Hammon, Steve Randall, Dan Bissonette, CGCS, Hannes Combest, John Fulling, CGCS, and Ron Dahlin, CGCS.


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