Old NMTMA Committee Descriptions

    Committee Chairs and Descriptions for the MiGCSA are listed below:

    NMTMA Treasurer/Finance Committee

    To make sure the association is in good financial well being each month and year. Job includes:

  • To propose and verify annual budget for the association to board of directors.
  • To sign all checks for payment of debt(s) and expenses for association.
  • To verify monthly statement/reconciliation reports (work with secretarial service on this).
  • To submit and sign annual tax forms once prepared.
  • Make sure accounts are in order both revenue and disbursements.
  • Submit financial report to members at annual meeting/
  • Propose with board approval any vote on dues increases as seen needed by finance committee or board.
  • Review and submit to board of directors monthly budget/statements to review.
  • Discuss with executive committee, committee chairperson, and board, any problem(s) that arise or that could arise, i.e., membership drop.
  • NMTMA Equipment Technician Committee

    The equipment technician committee’s purpose is to provide our technicians the support, education and resources they need to excel at their positions.

  • The committee shall propose innovative ways to educate and involve our equipment technicians in our association.
  • Coordinate two full day workshops a year for our equipment technicians.
  • The committee will have a chairperson, committee members and is encouraged to have at least one equipment technician as a committee member.
  • Encourage equipment technicians to become members of our association and interact with one another.
  • The committee will propose dues increases or decreases for equipment technicians, subject to board approval.
  • The committee shall find sites for educational workshops and help facilitate the event with the host superintendent and equipment technician.
  • NMTMA Website Committee

    • This person will populate the website on a daily basis.
    • The Management Company sends out membership emails through the web site.
    • The home page picture is updated every month.
    • Pictures should be utilized whenever possible.
    • The events calendar needs to be updated as soon as event is established and approved.
    • The online registration will be current.
    • Website training should be performed periodically and as needed.

    NMTMA Michigan Room Hospitality Committee

    The hospitality committee works with the other three associations to organize the Michigan Room at the GCSAA National Convention every year.

  • The room is normally in the Association Headquarters hotel.
  • The room must be organized through GCSAA.
  • Each year different special events have been planned. Personal awards, program honors and retirements are sometimes a special feature.
  • Some years the room can be one or two nights.
  • Sponsor letters are sent out three months prior to the event.
  • Each association makes a financial contribution.
  • Vendor sponsor signs are posted.
  • The committee works directly with the room manager the night of the event.
  • Thank you letters are sent after the conference.
  • Communicate the event through each association prior to the event, web sites, emails and newsletters.
  • Thank you announcements are made during the evening.
  • A financial report is sent to all associations after the event.
  • NMTMA Program and Golf Committee

    Program & Golf Monthly Golf/Meeting Site Requirements and Responsibilities Site Requirements: 1. Must provide golf, dining, and meeting facilities able to accommodate possible attendance. Attendance Guidelines: Registration Meetings (May, August)     50 persons MTF Fundraiser (June)        120-160 persons Family outing (July) NMTMA Fundraiser (Sept.)     80-120 persons Chapter Championship (Oct.)       80-120 persons 2. Ability to provide golf, dining, and prizes at a reasonable cost. Cost Guidelines: Registration meetings $25.00-35.00 person Chapter Championship $45.00-$65.00 person NMTMA & MTF Fundraiser $90.00-$125.00 person NOTE: An additional $5.00 per player will be added to published price to cover cost of mailings, etc. Host Responsibilities: 1. To organize golf, dining, meeting facilities and prizes within above guidelines. (Golf game, tees used, prizes, and menu are your choice except for chapter championship). 2. To fill out and return in a timely manner, a meeting information sheet (provided by NMTMA) for publication. 3. To provide a system of advance registration for the meeting where applicable. NMTMA Responsibilities: 1. To provide a mail in sign-up sheet with payment due 10 days prior to event to get commitment to participate. This will be mailed to all NMTMA members. 2. Collect sign-up sheets and monies to compile lists to be sent to host facility 7 days prior to event. 3. To provide staff for on site registration. 4. To control and properly distribute registration fees. (i.e., host facility and NMTMA). 5. To provide well in advance, information about any special needs not covered here. 6. To provide advance publication to meeting information.

    NMTMA Fundraiser Event

    I. Select Fundraiser Site – Ask Superintendent First
    A. Consideration of Site Selection
    1. Geographic location
    2. Proper group location
    3. Food service availability     
    a. Catering or on-site
    4. Select date of fundraiser     
    a. Early to mid-September      
    b. Should be selected 8-10 months in advance

    II. Set Budget A. Golf Costs – meet with Golf Pro 1. Carts, greens fees 2. Tee time 3. Format selection B. Food Costs – (Food & Beverage Manager or Caterer) 1. Select menu/type 2. Select time 3. Beverage cart? (revenue – beverage tickets) 4. Set date to confirm attendance C. Meeting Facility Costs (if any) 1. Registration 2. Score tabulation area D. Prize Costs 1. Solicit prizes – start early

    III. Marketing A. Flyers 1. Date-time 2. Location with map 3. History and description of course 4. Name of superintendent 5. Format 6. Prizes 7. Lodging availability 8. Phone – FAX 9. Costs 10. Entry deadline B. Media Ads: newspapers, radio, television C. Turf Publications – statewide D. Send flyers early July with extra copies for clubhouse E. Early August – flyer again

    IV. August Checklist A. Confirm with Pro 1. Time/format 2. Registration responsibilities 3. Handling event format      a. Registration receipts      b. Starter meeting – instructions      c. Score tabulations – postings      d. Prize awarding B. Confirm with Food/Beverage 1. Menu 2. Time 3. Minimum number to be charged C. Confirm – adequate prizes 1. Send letter with flyer to members for prizes (golf rounds, gift certif., merchandise, etc).

    IV. Day of Event A. Arrive Early B. Have Plenty of Volunteers if needed C. Set-up table for registration, skins and meal tickets/beverage tickets D. Scorecards with handicaps filled out E. Have Local Rules – details of special event, scorecard turn in location F. Raffle Tickets G. Golf Pro Start Event H. Play Golf I. Have designated area/person to turn in cards    1. Extra (dry) cards in case of rain J. Coordinate compilation of scores, event winners and skins K. Coordinate Prize distribution

    V. Post Event A. Send thank you letter and $100 to maintenance crew B. Send thank you to clubhouse staff C. Send thank you to prize donors D. Send out survey (have available when they turn in score cards)

    VI. Proceeds A. Members scholarship B. Gold Tee annual donation

    NMTMA – MTF Fund-raiser Committee

    Michigan Turfgrass Foundation Fund-raiser Committee Description

  • The MTF outing is typically hosted at a new golf course to help the facility promote their new business within the turf industry
  • The following year’s event needs to be scheduled by December of the previous year
  • A formal letter of request should be sent to the superintendent, pro, owner or GM
  • Event fees depend on the host facility; carts, golf, range, food, prizes etc.
  • Event registration ranges from $100-150
  • Past years MTF donation after expenses ranges from $4,500.00-9,000.00. This depends mostly on sponsor involvement
  • Work with Kay on the sponsor/vendor registration packet.
  • Work with the facility and Kay on time, beverage carts, announcements, rules sheet, billing, food prices, cash bar, drink tickets, carts for vendors, meal tickets, raffle tickets, sponsor sign placement, score card, proximately markers, player registration packets, prizes from facility or purchased off property, facility donations ˇV golf balls, towel etc, check with facility about service fees and taxes, hole-in-one vehicle placement, price of ranges/ambassador
  • Order sponsor signs, I would stick with plane text no graphics
  • A five person scramble gets more people involved in the event
  • Newsletter article pre and post event
  • Send thank you letters to vendors, host facility management
  • Call each sponsor once you receive their registration to answer questions
  • Bring cash to tip pro shop staff, drop off soda and doughnuts for grounds crew
  • Place sponsor sign at check in
  • Pre order plaque for superintendent and bring $100.00 check
  • Make a list of host facility management, vendors, players and committee members for post event thank you
  • Skins game cash collection and sign up
  • Present proximately prizes
  • Make course set up easy
  • Welcome and thank MTF staff and university faculty and thank
  • Will facility staff get a free meal after the event or will they be charged per head
  • Host facility gets one team free of charge
  • When does the pro shop want the event names for the score cards and score board
  • Who will mange the skins and scoreboard
  • Begin dinner and awards ASAP, players always want to leave quickly.
  • Pick raffle prize tickets before players get to dinner so they can browse the table with their tickets. Calling out numbers takes forever.
  • Send player registration mailing to members 50 days prior to event.
  • Post on web site with details
  • Give event details to web master or Kay during the winter months
  • Include lodging information and map
  • All proceeds are given to the MTF at the state conference
  • MSU faculty and MTF board members get free registration
  • Vendors get free dinner and drink tickets as well as Kay
  • Send out member donation letter 50 days prior
  • Host facility gets golf course photo on front cover of NMTMA membership directory
  • Member of GCSAA