Porous Pave Sand Guard

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600 SF +/- of Sand Guard materials and the installation training.
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Using Porous Pave XLB formulation, Sand Guard forms a consistent, monolithic and permeable surface made up of rubber, rock and a proprietary urethane binder. It covers bunker floors to keep sand clean, stabilizes the sand, and holds it in place on bunker slopes. With Porous Pave’s superior permeability – more than three times the permeability of other industry leading liners – Sand Guard drains rainwater from bunkers more quickly and effectively. 

Highly Permeable

  • Allows water to quickly percolate down to drainage pipes

  • Eliminates puddles, prevents washouts 

Durable & Flexible

  • Rubber content expands and contracts to withstand high heat, freeze/thaw cycles and expansive soils

  • Resists cracking 

  • 15 – 20 year life expectancy

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made with rubber from recycled tires

  • Encapsulated rubber, no harmful leaching

  • Made with rubber recycled from scrap tires – every 1,000 square feet of one-inch Sand Guard removes over 2,000 LB of old tires from the waste stream 

Solid & Seamless

  • One continuous uniform, consistent rubber/rock paved surface

  • Covers bunker floors, keeps sand clean and stable

Fast & Easy Installation

  • Mixed on-site

  • Applied 1″ thick directly on bunker floors

  • Conforms to bunker shapes and slopes

  • Cures fast – ready for sand in 24 hours

Critical Advantages

  • More permeable than other industry leading liners ­– drains faster, keeps bunkers playable

  • Solid surface with uniform thickness and strength – not just a thin spray over loose gravel

  • Installed directly over bunker floors – no added sub base

  • Made with Porous Pave XLB for proven performance 


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