Sage Run Golf Club, designed by Paul Albanese, has been awarded #4 Best New Golf Course in 2019 by Golf Digest

Posted on December 20th, 2019


We want to thank Golf Digest and their raters and editors for this prestigious award    

Albanese & Lutzke are very proud of this award and want to sincerely thank all that were involved in the making of this unique and exciting golf course.   Successful golf projects are only created via a team effort, and we greatly appreciate the team described below that made this possible. 

Albanese & Lutzke Labor Crew  
Salome Hernandez, Ausensicio Guerra, Steve Gibson, Juan Hernandez, Juan Guerra, Richard Martinez, Luis Arriaga, Alejandro Guerra, Leonardo Guerra, Francisco Torres, Jesus Moreno

Potawatomi Tribal Labor Crew  
Dalia Lopez, Josh Larson, Rodney Meshigaud, Dustin Meshigaud, Sam Wandahsega, Michael Wandahsega, Jesse Withey, Barbara Malinowski, Joseph Phillips, Vance Teeple, Tyra Boda, Douglas Frye, Dustine Meshigaud, Selenda Williams,Damien Seymoure, Jordan Teeple, James Ward,Steve Keeser, Jeff     Hapner, Ronald Jesse, Brandon Wandahsega

Albanese & Lutzke Operators 
Corey Lafvre, Victor Martinez, Matt Simons 

Potawatomi Tribal Operators  
Jessie Wandahsega, Clark Heim, Reed Keezer / Jeff Hapner, Ed Meshigaud, Adam Malinowski, Pete Halfaday,

Albanese & Lutzke Irrigation Crew  
Jose Zamudio, Jose Ramirez, Nate Jones, Jose Padilla, Noe Cortez, Adrian Guerra
Equipment:  John Deere, Nortrax Distribution
Irrigation Materials:  Toro Company, Reinders
Sand Supplier: Bichler Gravel & Concrete Company
Seed Supplier:  Rick Elyea, Jacklin Seed, Horst Distributing

Potawatomi Consultants
Human Resources: Candie Holberton
Administration:  Laura Lukezich, Betty Draze
Head Golf Professional:  Dave Douglas 
Marketing: Debbie Wiickstrom
Engineering: Mark Senetra
Marketing Manager:  Susan Harris
Consulting Superintendent:  John Holberton 
Grow-In Superintendent:  Matt Sly

Albanese & Lutzke Shaper:  Tom Simpson
Albanese & Lutzke Shaper:  Hernan Salinas
Albanese & Lutzke Lead Shaper: Dana Morrow

Golf Public Relations:  Kevin Frisch

Albanese & Lutzke Project Manager:  Mike O’connor
Albanese & Lutzke Principal Consultant:  Chris Lutzke 
Albanese & Lutzke Principal Architect:  Paul Albanese 

Tribal Council
Chief Financial Officer:  Scott Herioux 
General Manager:  Tony Mancilla
Chief:  Ken Meshigaud

Member of GCSAA