Score-Posting Guidelines During Social Distancing Measures

Posted on May 5th, 2020
The USGA and GAM stand with our entire golf community during this time. We continue to urge everyone to follow the guidelines from health and governmental officials to keep you and those around you safe, and to minimize any possible exposure to coronavirus.

From the perspective of the Rules of Handicapping, the most frequent questions received are primarily related to the acceptability of scores for posting to a player’s scoring record. In particular, the questions relate to modifying the hole and not requiring the player to “hole out” as required under the Rules of Golf. These are founded in a desire to minimize the possibility of exposing golfers to coronavirus and have included leaving the hole liner raised above the putting surface or placing various objects into the hole so the ball can be more easily removed. In these specific cases, provided guidance from health and governmental officials is being followed, a temporary measure is in place within the United States to accept scores played under these conditions for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines, even though the player has not holed out.

The most likely score is:

  • The number of strokes already taken to reach position on a hole, plus
  • The number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from that position, plus
  • Any penalty strokes incurred during play of the hole
This temporary measure is now in effect within the United States until the USGA advises otherwise.

For more information and detailed guidance, please click HERE or contact the Golf Association of Michigan at or 248-478-9242 ext. 114.

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