The Spring Opener

Apr 28

Class A Member Jeff Smith hosts us at Railside Golf Club in Byron Center

Michigan Wee One Fundraiser

May 24

The Michigan Wee One Committee welcomes all to The Wyndgate for this annual fundraiser.

The Northern Fundraiser at Arcadia Bluffs

Jun 6

Join us for one of the largest fundraisers in the country annually on the first Monday in June at Arcadia Bluffs.

News Headlines

Fast grass: Techniques to accelerate turf establishment

April 20, 2021
An agronomist outlines five common strategies for quick turf establishment, explores their pros and cons compared with conventional grassing, and shares tips for implementing each. July 1996 | Jonathon L. Scott, CGCS  Filed to: Construction, Renovation Fast turfgrass establishment
Sodding is frequently

Prevention Begins at 55, USGA Northeast Region Update

April 20, 2021
By: John Daniels, agronomist, Northeast Region
Whether you’re trying to prevent crabgrass or troublesome soil-borne diseases, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is an important number to remember. That is the soil temperature at which preventative treatments should occur for many turf diseases including fairy ring, ta…

The Impact of Late-Season Nitrogen Application, USGA Central Region Update

April 20, 2021
By: Zach Nicoludis, agronomist, Central Region With favorable weather conditions throughout much of the Midwest, agronomic teams have had the opportunity to hit the ground running with course assessments and all the maintenance practices that must be completed in the spring. For those that implement a late-sea…
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