Congratulations to the 8 MiGCSA Member dependents who won a Heritage Scholarship! In total more than $9,000 was awarded by the committee in 2020. The board has approved a budget of $10,000 in 2021 for this growing award. See the winners here:

Golfers don't see many of the things that go into the playing conditions. I'm sure we could add about 100 more things to this Golf Superintendent Iceberg.

Been a blessed year! Thank you @GCSAA @MiGCSA @miturfgrass @michiganstateu for the honors!


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January 2021 MSU Turfgrass Alumni Update

January 19, 2021
  Greetings from the (Empty) Land of Green and (very little so far) White, To call this past fall semester unusual would be an insult to the word unusual. My beginning turfgrass class had 16 students, 10 from the IAT programs and 6 in our BS program. (We were down from 14, since 4 decided to defer to Fall 2021.) Since w…

2020 Heritage Scholarship Winners

January 18, 2021
  The winners of the 2020 Heritage Scholarship have been chosen. The award is available to the dependents of current members who are enrolled in a post high school education curriculum. Funding for this scholarship is provided by the proceeds from the 2020 Fundraisers, the Northern at Forest Dunes, Wes…

MiGCSA 5K Team Registration

January 18, 2021
  Let’s help GCSAA raise some additional money for their disaster relief fund and for Sam Holysz’ family. The MiGCSA board has authorized a $100 donation for each person that joins the MiGCSA 5K team with a max of $500 for both groups. You can run or walk, walk by yourself, take a family hike or a slow jog to compe…

Michigan Small Business Survival Grant Program

January 18, 2021
  2018 e header The State of Michigan has allocated $55 million to implement the Michigan Small Business Survival Grant Program to support the needs of Michigan businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 virus and the Gatherings and Mask Order. The application to apply will open at 9:00 a.m. EST…
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