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Are ‘Dualies’ Golf’s Best Customer?

NGF | Published on 5/13/2024

What the heck is a “Dualie?” In NGF context, it is NOT a six-wheeled pick-up truck.

One of the classifications our researchers introduced in recent years is that of Dual Participants, or “Dualies,” those who engage in both on-course and off-course forms of golf.

Think of a golfer who regularly plays 18 holes on the weekend and eagerly gets in extra swings on an indoor simulator in a clubhouse, retail store, golf entertainment establishment or buddy’s basement. Or maybe the person who gets out to the golf course with friends but also makes trips to Topgolf for some nighttime family fun in a hitting bay… maybe even introducing their children to the joys of swinging a golf club in the process.

There are unquestionably some who felt (or feel) that off-course golf – whether at bigtime golf entertainment venues, screen golf or tech-enabled ranges — is hurting traditional golf. The assumption is that with only so much time, attention and discretionary money to go around, off-course could siphon these precious resources away from the green-grass game.

But the data says otherwise.

In fact, it turns out the “Dualie” is actually the more engaged and attractive customer than the green grass only player.

They’re more passionate, they play more, they purchase more, and they have higher income levels.


So, why should you care? Because the ramifications potentially impact all corners of the golf industry.

In most respects, off-course golf appears to be strengthening the on-course game.

Not only is off-course engagement providing an approachable, fun and less-intimidating couch-to-course bridge to traditional golf, almost everyone who has engaged with both forms of golf indicate that the two sides feed each other. Our research has not shown that playing off course has negatively affected the frequency with which people play traditional golf. It’s more typical that it inspires them to play even more. Dual participation creates a deeper connection with the game overall, from passion to spending.

A wise NGF board member has a wonderful habit of sharing “there is no limit to how much golfers can love golf!” The “Dualies” are proving this out and showing themselves to be among golf’s best customers. Perhaps they also drive pick-ups to carry all their golf gear?


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