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Heritage Scholarship Winners

Published on 3/2/2023

This year the scholarship committee made the decision to create a new application process. This was formed with the intentions to increase engagement, promote creativity and better gauge the applicant's communication skills.

Our committee followed the same selection process as previous years. Once the applications were all submitted, the committee then individually had time to review the applicants submission and score accordingly. After all committee members reviewed those submissions privately, we met as a group and compared our individual scores, which ultimately determined our winners.

It was an honor to be able to see the impressive work ethic, dedication, and intelligence EVERY applicant provided the committee. You should all be very proud!

Gene Davis, Elk Rapids G.C.
Scholarship Committee Chairman

Jared Milner, Vice Chairman
Jesse Sholl, Committee Member
Jim Priebe, Committee Member

Funding for this scholarship is provided by the proceeds from the 2022 Fundraisers & the membership dues increase. Thank you to our 2022 Fundraiser host sites Arcadia Bluffs, Egypt Valley Country Club and Red Run Golf Club.

Thank you to the MiGCSA members, staff and club members at these host facilities and our generous Industry Partners for making these awards possible.

  • Emily Bluck daughter of Jim Bluck, CGCS, Arcadia Bluffs
  • Alenna Hathaway daughter of Aaron Hathaway, Nufarm
  • Emily Jotzat daughter of Steve Jotzat, Lost Dunes
  • Caleb Keilen son of Andy Keilen, Knollwood C.C.
  • Hailey Kempf daughter of Chad Kempf, Rain Bird
  • Leah Rings daughter of A.J. Rings, Spartan Distributors
  • Meghan Roznowski daughter of Jason Roznowski, Rivers Edge G.C.
  • Natalie Tuckerman daughter of John Tuckerman, The Ravines

Emily Bluck daughter of Jim Bluck, CGCS, Arcadia Bluffs
I am absolutely thrilled to be a recipient of the Heritage scholarship. It is an honor to be recognized by the committee, and I am confident this scholarship award will reap dividends in the future. The next step of my journey is to begin law school this coming fall, and this award will provide significant support. I can't hardly wait to become an attorney, and I am so excited to put this generous award to good use. I am abundantly grateful for the Heritage Scholarship Committee, their favor, and their generosity.

Alenna Hathaway daughter of Aaron Hathaway, Nufarm
I am so grateful to have won this scholarship. My mom has always talked about how she won this same scholarship at my age and I consider it an honor to walk in her footsteps. I am so glad to have had a family who supports me in all my ideas and endeavors and who always push me out of my comfort zone. I see this scholarship as a reflection of the hard work my family and I have put into my education. I cannot wait to see how it continues. In all I say, do, and accomplish I strive to dedicate my path to the Lord who guides me each day. “You keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” (Isaiah 26:3-4)

Emily Jotzat daughter of Steve Jotzat, Lost Dunes
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those involved in making the MiGCSA Heritage Scholarship opportunity possible. Winning this scholarship will greatly assist in the pursuit of my ultimate educational goal of becoming a lower elementary Montessori teacher. I am currently a junior at Trine University studying both elementary education and lower elementary Montessori education. I am thrilled at the prospect of graduating soon and putting what I have learned into action.


Caleb Keilen son of Andy Keilen, Knollwood C.C.
I am blessed to have been selected as a recipient of the MiGCSA Heritage Scholarship. Your generosity will support me as I complete my degree in Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. It means a great deal to have my academic achievements recognized and judged worthy enough of being awarded a scholarship, but it means even more when the association recognizing you has a connection to your family. I would like to thank MiGCSA and the Scholarship Committee for working to facilitate the scholarship program, and I would like to express my gratitude for all those who attended the events that make this scholarship program possible.

Hailey Kempf daughter of Chad Kempf, Rain Bird
I'm incredibly grateful and honored to have been selected for this scholarship! I'm a current sophomore at the University of Michigan studying biochemistry and environmental science. This scholarship will help fund my studies now, so that one day I can conduct research related to the intersection of human health and the environment. Thank you to the MiGCSA board of directors and the scholarship committee for their generosity!

Leah Rings daughter of A.J. Rings, Spartan Distributors
Thank you MiGCSA board of governors and its scholarship committee for the opportunity to partake in the MiGCSA Heritage Scholarship! I am truly grateful for being selected for this scholarship. I will be attending Eastern Michigan University this Fall, where I will further my education in Clinical Laboratory Science and play DI Lacrosse. This will definitely help with financial costs for college. I look forward to a very exciting and productive future.

Natalie Tuckerman daughter of John Tuckerman, The Ravines
Next year, I will be attending Grand Valley State University to study Social Work with the help of this scholarship program. I love listening to my peers and helping those who need it and I'm excited to use this passion in a future career. Currently, I am working at a local restaurant to help pay for my education. My family does not have a lot of resources to support me in attending college. The Heritage Scholarship will greatly reduce the financial burden of completing my degree and entering my new career path.



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