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Make Golf Your Career

Published on 4/19/2023
The most common issue we have heard from our members is the struggle to find employees to work for them on the golf course. In response to this the national golf bodies have launched Make Golf Your Thing. This is a collaborative effort across the golf industry committed to making the sport more diverse, equitable and inclusive. This multi-faceted, multi-year movement is actively seeking individuals, organizations and businesses from all backgrounds, identities, and abilities, to pick up the game, pursue a career in golf or promote their business within the industry.

In concert with Make Golf Your Thing is the Make Golf Your Career website. This site allows golf industry professionals to post jobs for all levels of need in a golf operation. We are encouraging our members who are searching for employees to sign up for an account and post the positions for FREE at

The Michigan Golf Alliance has committed funds to promote this website and golf as a great job to possible employees here in Michigan. This social media campaign will launch this spring with the goal of driving traffic to the Make Golf Your Career website. It is our hope to expose potential employees to the opportunities to work in the golf industry who might not have otherwise considered it.

This is an ever-evolving plan with future possible deep targeting to specific areas of the industry like golf maintenance, pro shop, F&B and all aspects of golf industry needs. The current promotion will focus on the entire scope of available positions and benefits of working in golf this summer.

As always member feedback is not only welcome but vital to the success of your association. Please feel free to reply to this email with suggestions or ideas for the future of this program.
View the video from Make The Turn below:


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