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A Turf Manager's Daily Reminder

Adam Garr | Published on 5/23/2023

By: Adam Garr, from his substack You Grow Grass, and Then You Die

I will not tie my self-worth to the quality of my turf or my operation.

I will not let one person’s negative comment ruin my day.

I will own my mistakes, and not pass the blame onto others.

I shall train, mentor, and empower my team. I will strive to delegate more responsibilities to my team.

I shall perform my job to the best of my ability, but I will save enough of myself to have a meaningful life outside of turf.

I acknowledge that Mother Nature is in control. All I can do is adapt, overcome, and persevere through the tough stretches with a positive mindset.

I will not be afraid to ask for help if my challenges feel insurmountable.

I promise to LOOK UP each day and reflect on why my passion drove me to this industry.

Am I putting in extra hours because the job demands that I be here, or is it to satisfy my ego?

I shall always remember that the turf does not love me back.

I will go home each day with plenty left to give to the people I love.


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