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Wee One & Northern Fundraiser Results

Published on 6/7/2023

Thank you to our 2023 Wee One & Northern Fundraiser Sponsors!

Food Sponsor: Leibold Irrigation
Platinum Sponsors: BASF, ENVU, Syngenta, Spartan, Site One, Harrell's, Arborjet, US Golf Cars/Ladd’s, Revels & Aspen Outdoors
Gold Sponsors: Michael Kuhn & Associates, Rain Bird, Helena, Nufarm, Target Specialty Products, Red Run Golf Club & Heritage Professional
Silver Sponsors: Simplot (formerly Turf Ventures), Dave Herman, ATS, EZ-GO, FMC, PBI Gordon, Standard Golf
Northern Fundraiser Hole Sponsors:
Standard Golf, GAM, Syngenta, Harrell’s, Club Car/Ladd’s, Michigan Synthetic Turf, Revels, BASF, Target Specialty Products, Nufarm, EZGO, MSU Turf Team, Rhino Seed, Golf Cars Plus, Bio Health, Site One Golf, Porous Pave, Aspen Outdoors, Helena, Spartan Distributors, ENVU, Heritage, Matt LaFontaine Automotive, Trimax/Timber Wolf, Husquarvana

Thank you to our host Director of Agronomy Jim Bluck, CGCS along with Matt Morley, Will Strauch, Greg Rau, Andrew Beldo, Alex Roth & Zach Redman.

Also special thanks to PGA Professionals Bill Shriver, Zack Chapin, Chris Sivier, Matt Michalak, Dustin Darling, the Director of Food & Beverage Cameron Cosby, Becky Andrews, Lodge Manager & Taylor Andrews, Groups Coordinator. 

A very special thank you to Mr. Richard Postma, owner of Arcadia Bluffs, for his long-standing support of this event and of our industry!

The 2023 Wee One & Northern Fundraiser at Arcadia Bluffs was another great success. The Sunday afternoon event raised more than $25,000 for the Wee One Foundation! The proceeds from all the 2023 MiGCSA Fundraisers will help fund scholarships, MiGCSA cares, turf related donations, turf research and the MSU turf club. 

Thank you to every single attendee and especially to our sponsors and industry partners listed above for making this event possible.

This new format for the Wee One Fundraiser was sold out last year but was down about 40 participants this year. The MiGCSA Board and Wee One Committee will be reviewing this set up for improvements or changes. We welcome any feedback on these events to continue to improve.
Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on this event if you attended or let us know why you did not by taking this short survey.

Mark your calendars for the first Monday in June 6/3/24 for the Bluffs with the South Course on the Sunday before 6/2/23.


The Wee One Fundraiser, South Course
The winning scramble team Simplot with Erwin McKone, Jesse Shaver, Drew Paxton & Jordan Eggerding 
shot 61 and won in a scorecard playoff over team Nufarm with Jake Green, Jason Farah, Lou Bettencourt & Jerry Stanek who also shot 61. Third place went to team ENVU with Rob Pylar, Andy Gilroy and Nick Johnson with a score of 62. 

Closest to the pin #12 - Johnson Berg
Longest putt - Tim Matty
Longest drive - Nick Sears (Need mailing address please!)


If you won something you must respond to this email with your Venmo or PayPal account to get your prizes. 
The Northern Fundraiser, Bluffs Course
The winning scramble team was Nufarm with Jake Green, Jason Farah, Lou Bettencourt & Nick Stanek shot 59, second place was team GAM with Hunter Koch, Mike Brady, John Holden & Dee Piccard, with a score of 61 won the tie breaker with a birdie on the #2 handicap 10th hole over team US Golf Cars/Ladd's with Joe Rebone, Jason Schwieters & Steve Fiorillo. 

Closest to the pin #2 –Jake Green
Closest to the pin #4 Fairway - Chester VandenBurg

Closest to the pin #6 – (This marker was lost, if you wrote down your name please reply to this email to find the last tee time with a name) 
Closest to the pin #9 - Jeff Smith
Closest to the pin #13 –Will Strauch
Longest drive #15 -Cam LaFontaine

Longest putt #16 -Trevor Surdu
Closest to the pin #17 - Nick Stanek with a HOLE IN ONE!

Skins $250 each
Eagle 3 on #3 – Hammon, Theopholis, Meindertsma, Grace
Eagle 3 on #15 – Hammon, Theopholis, Meindertsma, Grace
HOLE IN ONE by Nick Stanek on #17
Thank you to Mike Rabe & Nancy Dykema for running the 50/50 on #9 tee! The total pool is $1,020 and the winner is Terry Poley (Random Name generator result here)

The Northern Fundraiser Winners Team Nufarm!
Lou Bettencourt, Nick Stanek, Jason Farah & Jake Green
Nick Stanek with his hole in one ball on #17!


(616) 834-0450