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2023 Student Scholarship Winners

Published on 1/3/2024

The Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association student scholarship have been awarded. Interviews with the MiGCSA Scholarship Committee took place on December 13th, these awards will be presented at the Michigan Turfgrass Conference.

Funding for these scholarships is provided by the sponsors & proceeds from the 2023 Fundraisers.

The Northern at Arcadia Bluffs, Western Golf Day at American Dunes and the Big Event at Plum Hollow C.C.

Thank you to all who attended & supported these important events

Zachary Olowniuk

I would like to start off by saying thank you to the MiGCSA Committee for selecting me. I am very honored to have been selected. This award has been presented to some of our industries great leaders and mentors in which inspired many others and myself to pursue careers in turfgrass management fields. I am so proud, to have been placed in the same group as those before me. As I get ready to begin my career, I hope that one day I can follow their footsteps, mentoring, leading and inspiring others into the great field of turf.

Glenn Schweihofer

This field is my passion, and I am excited to be working toward a professional career in Turf. My initial exposure to the industry was through my first job at Franklin Hills Country Club, where I worked for my dad, Brian Schweihofer. The experience guided my decision to pursue this career path, prompting me to enroll in the 2-Year program at MSU. Since starting school, I secured my first internship at Bel-Air Country Club in Los Angeles under Justin DePippo learning in a high-quality environment. I'm now excited to start my next internship at Old Elm Club in Highland Park, Illinois, set to begin this spring. I'm excited for the journey ahead and eager to see where this path takes me.
Trent Bortnichak

I want to say I am extremely grateful and honored to receive this scholarship. Receiving this scholarship means that I can continue to pursue an education in turfgrass while making paying for school less of a financial burden. I appreciate the fact that my enthusiasm for turfgrass did not go unnoticed. I am always doing my best to make sure I continue to take in as much new information of this industry and continuing to grow.
Frank Figurski

I feel honored to be receiving a scholarship from MIGCSA and truly appreciate it. I feel validated for the work I've put in and also motivates me to continue to do well with my academics. I choose not to work during the school year to focus on my academics and had to live off of savings and student loans during it. This scholarship will help with the expenses I've accumulated during the year. I wish to continue to be an active member of MIGCSA and be part of its functions. I will also try to represent MIGCSA to the best of my ability.

Isobelle Brasher

I am honored to be awarded the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Associations scholarship as it encourages me and enables me to excel further in the Turfgrass program. As I am financially independent, being awarded this scholarship, I can spend more time and energy on my studies. Earning this scholarship also encourages me to continue to do well in my classes and reassures I am taking the right strides towards my future.


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