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Winter Turf and Nutrient Management Research Update

MTF | Published on 3/25/2024
Winter Turf and Nutrient Management Research Update
Dr. Kevin W. Frank, Payton Perkinson, and Eric Galbraith
Michigan State University

Long-term nitrogen leaching

Since the summer of 1998 leachate samples have been collected from the monolith lysimeters at the HTRC and analyzed for nitrate-nitrogen. July 2023 marked 25 years of consecutive leachate collection and 33 years since turfgrass was established on the lysimeters. 

Key Points:

1. After six years of the high N rate, 5 lb. N/1000 ft. 2 /yr, mean annual nitrate- nitrogen concentrations have increased from 1.1 to a high of 5.7 ppm in 2022.

2. Dormant season leaching continues to be a point of concern for the high N rate application.

This research will continue to measure nitrogen leaching in a continually managed turfgrass system and provide insight into the effect of fertilizer rates on nitrogen leaching from mature turfgrass stands.

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