GCSAA Presidents with Michigan Roots

Posted on April 30th, 2021


It’s been over a year since a meeting has been held in the Hancock Turfgrass Research Center and none are scheduled, however, rest assured things are up to date. This week farm manager Jesse Scholl added a photograph of John Fulling, CGCS Kalamazoo CC, to the framed display GCSAA Presidents with Michigan Roots that hangs in the conference room. John is the 10th individual bestowed with that honor and our industry has benefited from his efforts and leadership within the MiGCSA, MTF, and the GCSAA. As if that commitment was not enough John also made time to meet with MSU students in the classroom, attend mock interviews, and help prepare them for Turf Bowls. On behalf of the MSU Turfgrass Team thank you John and best wishes in your future.

Thomas A. Nikolai, Ph.D.

Member of GCSAA