$5,000 Investment

    1. Personal recognition from the MiGCSA at every meeting
    2. $3,000 in direct advertising credit with the MiGCSA, credits can be used for Course Conditions magazine, website or email banner ads.
    3. Company profile email blast announcing tier level commitment
    4. Six Free MiGCSA Memberships for new members ($600 value)
    5. Four Complimentary registrations to any MiGCSA event excluding fundraisers ($300 value)
    6. Third level tier recognition at every event on all Industry Partner tee and award reception signs.
    7. Silver Partner logo on all of your advertising
    8. Silver tier recognition in all MiGCSA event email
    9. Industry Partner tier page in all four issues of Course Conditions
    10. Industry Partner company profile section on
    11. Annual Meeting tiered level recognition
    12. Spring Meeting reception drink ticket sponsor

    Member of GCSAA