John R. Fulling Jr. Leadership Scholarship

Posted on October 8th, 2020

On September 28th at the 2020 Western Golf Day Fundraiser at Kalamazoo Country Club a new scholarship was announced that will be available for MiGCSA Members starting in 2021.

The MiGCSA Scholarship Committee has proposed, and the board has approved the new John R. Fulling Jr. Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship will help individuals improve and hone their leadership skills both personally and professionally. This scholarship will be offered in perpetuity to MiGCSA Members and awarded through review of the scholarship committee on a yearly basis.

John is the current President of the GCSAA, the first President of the MiGCSA and a past MTF President. He worked tirelessly to help bring the four Michigan Chapters together for many years that culminated in a vote in 2008.

Member of GCSAA